• Christine posted an update 5 years ago

    Oh, good. First, I magically was allowed to log in again. Then this doohickey let me change my photo after only 15 months, (sadly, I wasn’t prepared with anything). Well done, chaps. The excitement has gone to my head.

    • Just be sure to pace yourself, wouldn’t want you to pass out your first day back . . .

    • Glad it worked for you.
      Sadly it was Indeed magick of the most vile sort that allowed for this fix.
      I won’t call any names here, since he is meant to remain nameless, but let’s just say that our new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Extreme, had a most unsightly growth under his beard…

    • OH, and he has Lord Voldemort’s face growing out the back of his head as well.

    • Um…how attractive. Does he hire the back of his head out to keep naughty children in line?

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