Lock and Load

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  • Dee Stroyer May 18, 2015 05:13

    In the office I am surrounded by nerf guns. In fact, I have one right here in front of me, within easy reach. It’s a dog eat dog world out there (or rather, in here) and believe me, nerf guns can be deadly.

  • Dee Stroyer May 18, 2015 05:17

    I’m currently packing the Strongarm model from the N-Strike Elite series, loaded with Rebelle darts in various effeminate colours. (Don’t judge me. After nerf battles in the office, when everybody is crawling around the floor looking for their darts, mine stand out like a sore thumb.)
    Though small, my Strongarm packs a serious punch. If a dart from this baby hits you at point blank, it will bruise for sure.

  • Dee Stroyer May 18, 2015 10:01

    I can neither confirm nor deny

  • Ezra Yesterday May 18, 2015 10:51

    I dug out my decodeer ring and decrypted the respose above, it actually reads “I could tell you, but then I’d have to Nerf you.”

  • Ezra Yesterday May 18, 2015 10:56

    hahaha, deco-deer?!?
    I think I just made up a new creature for your comic… possibly an urban deer that survives and gathers intelligence for the resistance by hiding in architectural features of older buildings.
    His name would of course be Art.

  • Ezra Yesterday May 18, 2015 11:01

    Yeah… that’s the ticket… I didn’t mistype, I was brainstorming.

  • Ezra Yesterday May 18, 2015 12:18

    …unless he was inside, in which case he would be a lamp:
    Art Deerco

  • Ezra Yesterday May 18, 2015 15:09

    I feel like I need to provide an explanation for the .. ahem… Professors among us.
    That is an Art Deco lamp…

  • Dee Stroyer May 19, 2015 07:19

    You have a lot of nerf, posting such a thing here!

  • Just Justine May 19, 2015 07:34

    Dunno about yours but my nerfs are shot!

  • Just Justine May 20, 2015 07:47

    Wait a minute, you don’t use real guns at your office?
    Hmm, they told us it was to keep us on our toes….

  • Just Justine May 20, 2015 08:15

    …and it works a lot better than going ‘shhhhhh, quiet please.’

  • Ezra Yesterday May 20, 2015 08:16

    Sheesh, Justine. I bet no one in your office ever forgets to put the new cover letters on the TPS forms…
    Not twice, at any rate.

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