King of the Nerds – Season 3

King of the Nerds – Season 3

As I may of mentioned in the Annex – season 3 of the TBS TV show King of the Nerds has begun (actually we’re a few episodes in), and one thing is blatantly clear – nerds as a group are mean. No, it’s true. Don’t let them fool you with that whole ‘we’re the nice ones, it’s our social awkwardness that’s been holding us back’ thing. Let’s face it, the Internet has unified nerdom, that taken together with the advances in personal electronics has made being able to kill a mammoth or fight off the neighboring neanderthal tribe superfluous as survival skills. Now it’s all about being able to code an angry bird app or quote Monty Python sketches. Suddenly being a nerd is cool, and with that new found dominance of the pop culture stage, nerds have become empowered.

What are they doing with their power? Well, besides facilitating advances in science, medicine, the afore mentioned personal electronics, et cetera, they pretty much appear to attend conventions, go LARPing and troll the Internet. Here’s the thing, the one group of people you would really think should know better, no matter how nice they appear on an interpersonal basis, seem to mutate drastically when you put them in an environment amongst their peers (virtual or otherwise). Under such hothouse conditions they rapidly adopt a pack mentality, form cliques, stake out their territory, turn snarky and gang up on the weak. (What, you’ve never seen a snarky wolf? Classic pack behavior, not a pretty sight, believe me). It’s like they’ve stepped into the Star Trek Mirror Universe and have become giddy with delight at the realization that they themselves are now cast in the role of aggressor.

Which brings us back to season three of KotN . . .


The pack mentality is running rampant this season as secret alliances work to weed out the well, nice.

Thomas, nice – gone

Ori, nice and a bit goofy – gone

Jacob, nice – gone

Todd, amusing, not in on the alliance – gone

Raychelle, um, was she episode one? I honestly don’t remember her – gone?

Kaitlin, a nasty piece of work, convinced of her own superiority in a typical egoma-nerd-iacal  fashion – still in

Heather, ripped Ori to shreds in the boat challenge and then justified her behavior afterwards, but still laid into Todd for his breakdown when they (his team) voted him into the ‘nerd-off’ unanimously – still in

Jonathan, Heather’s toady, at least had the dignity to feel slightly sheepish about how they bullied Ori, but backed down in the face of Heather’s self righteous tirade – still in

Amanda, um . . . I know she’s still in and part of the cross team secret alliance but can’t picture her – still in

Lily, bossy, but quick to cry when challenged – still in

Ben, nice – probably out soon

Colby, nice-ish – probably out soon

So what’s to be done in the face of nerd bullies? I dunno, take away their personal electronics for a week? Make them play organized sports? Point out that social awkwardness is no excuse to ignore Wheaton’s Law? Your guess is as good as mine . . .

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