Kick Ass 2, probably the most anticipated sequel of 2013. I enjoyed the character development of Hit Girl’s character, and the gravitation of the D’Amico character from superhero wannbe to super-villian. The addition of the Justice Forever team was fun and kudos to Jim Carey, I was well into the movie before I realized he was playing the role of Colonel Stars and Stripes. Still plenty of the ‘in your face’ blend of quips and choreographed violence (the lawnmower scene – ouch), that Kick Ass 1 delivered, but . . . well it all just seemed a bit . . more of the same, if you follow me.

Still a fun ride, but it all seemed like kind of a repeat of the first movie, even with the new elements. Yeah, sure – I get it, the ‘snatching victory out of the teeth of defeat’ thing is a standard staple of such movies, but I was kinda hoping for more from this particular movie . . . let me know if you agree after you’ve seen it . . .


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