Just Previews: Summer line-up of new shows, and then some!

Just Previews: Summer line-up of new shows, and then some!

‘The Wil Wheaton Project’
Premiered last night.
Watched it.
It’s W-hil W-heaton, w-hat more can I say?
I found it kind of Tosh.0-ish.
Wil’s a funny guy, and sort of a Geek Pop Culture icon.

Premieres May 30, 2014
K, so it’s kinda difficult to picture John Malkovich as Blackbeard, but this still looks interesting.
I mean, it’s PIRATES!!!
Wait, has their popularity died out with no more Disney ones?
Why Blackbeard and not Francois L’Ollonais? Guess Blackbeard is more well known.
He supposedly buried treasure under a tree in Burlington, N.J.
Yeah, N.J. has lots and lots of interesting history, for instance Joseph Bonaparte (Napoleon’s brother) was a resident of Bordentown, N.J. Oh, and Napoleon’s preserved penis is supposedly here, too.
Have you guessed it? Mhm, I’m from N.J.

Dunno, seemed like John wasn’t very excited about it?

Official Site.

Premieres June 19, 2014

Based on the film ‘Legion’, it’s a post-apocalyptic future (when is it not?), where angels wage war against humankind (yeah, they were always jealous of God’s hairless primates and their souls.)
Are you on team Gabriel or team Michael?
Pfft, the Winchester bros have been dealing with this sort of thing for some time now….

Official Site.

‘The Last Ship’
Premiers June 22, 2014

Deadly global pandemic wipes out 80 percent of the population! A paleomicrobioligist is trying to find a cure. This is probably what happens if you dig too deep or stuff melts that shouldn’t be melting. The premise has been done, but dunno if ships, or more specifically the last ship, were ever employed.
The Last Ship=Michael Bey=lots ‘o ‘splosions?

Official Site.

Premieres July 9, 2014
Halle Berry stars as an astronaut who returns after a year in space, pregnant. Her scientist hubby has ‘created’ a son for them. The fate of humanity lies somewhere in between, if it can just be understood. Figuring out what’s going on is never easy. Especially when aliens are involved. Like what their motive is, are they benevolent aliens or the other kind that want to impregnate you with their offspring that eventually burst from your chest….
Steven Spielberg serves as an executive producer, therefore, with him involved, of course there will be aliens…and androidic boys!
Maybe he knows something we don’t!?!
(He lived in a town nearby where I live and I swear a couple times I saw him in the town of Haddonfield.
Found this quote by him on Wikipedia-
‘I first became aware of the sky when my father pointed out the Perseid meteor shower to me when I was about 6 years old, living in Haddon Heights, N.J.’
This could explain a lot. Maybe first contact was actually made in N.J?
No, wait, that hasn’t happened yet. Not until 2063 and in Bozeman, Montana….or has it!?!)

Official Site.

‘The Strain’
Premieres July 13, 2014

Based on Guillermo Del Toro’s book of the same name, The Strain follows an outbreak in N.Y.C. of the most disturbingly gross case of vampirism ever.
I could only find teasers, no actual trailer, but I did find this which gives you a very good example of what you have to look forward to (I know I am)-

Official Site.

Premieres July 27, 2014
(WGN America)

A series based loosely on the Manhattan Project (which led to the creation of the atomic bomb) and how it, might have/possibly/probably/perhaps, affected the personal lives of those involved.

Official Site.

(Plus there’ll be a second season of ‘Salem’ on WGN America. Just discovered this station. I watched the first season of ‘Salem’ on OnDemand.
It’s sort of another ‘Game of Thrones’ (but less explicit) meets Salem Massachusetts, 1692, only
in this series the witches are real and not caused by mass hysteria/ergot/jealousy/not-to-be-ignored-anylonger girls/greed.

The Quest
Premieres July 31, 2014

Yes, it’s reality tv, but a really epic sounding one!
D&D meets Survivor in Middle Earth. Twelve chosen compete to save the kingdom.

Looks like uberfun, doesn’t it? Seriously, it does! *envious*

Official Site.

‘The Knick’
Premieres August 8, 2014

It’s early 1900s N.Y.C. and the dawn of 20th century ‘modern’ medicine. Clive Owen portrays one Dr. John Thackery, as they hack through lives and limbs to further the advancement of medicine and medical procedures. Never a pretty picture.
It is directed Steven Soderbergh.

Official Site.

Premieres August 9, 2014

Clair Randall, a married British combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743 Scotland, where, she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a Scottish warrior who comes to her aid. I like the sound of this!
Adapted from the book series of the same name.

Official Site.

Premieres August 13, 2014

Sean Bean (Yay! 🙂 ) is a special deep-cover operative for the FBI. He is apparently very adept at transforming himself suitably for each assignment….until a stranger suggests he may not be the man he thinks he is.

Official Site.

Fall 2014

Based on the comic book ‘Hellblazer’,
A snarky damned (literally) demon hunter, doing what else? Hunting demons and sending them back to whence they came.

Official Site.

Fall, 2014
Because it has Sean Pertwee, (yes, I loved Dog Soldiers and am not ashamed to say so :p ) and
Donal Logue (he’s been in sooooooo many good films/shows!)
In the beginning there was Batboy, sans Robin. And all the other teen nemesises…nemesi?

Official Site.

‘The Flash’
Fall, 2014 (October?)
(The CW)

Based on yet another comic book superhero. Can we ever get enough? Nope<(imagine me popping the ‘p’ when saying that. Which I did.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNRBOpzTojQ Official Site.

Sorry, Sheldon, you are not Batman.

…or the Flash.
Nor are you Batman, Wolowitz.

‘Last Man On Earth’
Move over, Rick Grimes and Company, I guess only one guy made it….but not until 2015 (if?)-
Don’t forget to stand during this trailer…

I wonder if even a zombie mate would be welcomed?

Official Site.

Also from Fox (2015, if?)

Guess it’s sort of Game of Pharaohs (with vampires?)

Official Site.

I’ve noticed a lot of bigger stars are turning to television.
Directors/Producers, too.
Wonder if that’s a sign that movies, as in the big screen, and their theaters, are destined to go the
way of the dinosaurs?

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  • Forlath Grey May 29, 2014 11:43

    First off – impressive summary.

    Secondly, I recorded Wil’s show but it was a toss up yesterday evening between it or Heroes of Cosplay and I went with Cosplay . . . but I’ll get back to Wil, he’s really won me over with his appearances on Big Bang and the Guild.

    I would have thought the pirate popularity thing has died out primarily BECAUSE of the Disney pirate movies, but what do I know. Regardless, I am intrigued by Crossbones and will be tivo-ing.

    Wait, are you saying Dominion and Constantine aren’t the same show? The sequence with the angels flying down like a flock of birds is admittedly pretty cool.

    Agreed, the pandemic thing has been done. Most recently the trend seems to be to tie the pandemic theme in with zombies. Can’t really visualize how they’ll keep this concept fresh, will the ship pull into different ports/scenarios every week kind of thing? Will probably check it out anyway, because hey, I enjoy explosions as much as the next guy.

    Extant – first thought – A.I. for television. You remember Steven Spielberg’s movie A.I. don’t you, you know, the most depressing movie ever made?

    The Strain – big fan of Guillermo del Toro, vampires on the other hand – not so much. Like that he’s making them repulsive monsters instead of whiny emos but still finding it hard to get excited about this one . . .

  • Forlath Grey May 29, 2014 13:37

    Google ‘The Quest on NBC’ and you get a western TV show that aired in 1976 with Kurt Russel. I quickly realized my mistake, but still couldn’t find anything on which castle they used as their filming location. That aside, looks like it could be fun, a LARPing game show . . . could also be really, really silly . . .

    Outlander – yep, sounds like a real bodice ripper . . . *cough* . . .

    Legends – the trailer gives you absolutely nothing. What are we talking here, Total Recall meets 24 meets Memento?

    Gotham – doesn’t Pertwee in that trailer remind you of Edward Norton? As for the show – does this mean we haven’t hit superhero show saturation point yet?

    Last Man on Earth – Will Forte is hilarious. Nuff said.

    Hieroglyph – Egyptian vampires *yawn* are still vampires . . .

    I find it interesting that shows apparently are increasingly turning towards fantastical themes, does that mean we’ve seen the end of CSI ad infinitum?

  • Forlath Grey May 30, 2014 09:12

    Falling Skies, see, that’s another show I missed the start of somehow that I think I might actually enjoy. What was that alien invasion in L.A. show (not the movie) called? I wanted to see that as well but then it was cancelled before I got around to checking it out.

    Speaking of cancelled – Revolution is apparently getting the axe? Or so I was told yesterday evening by Wil Wheaton. Yep, watched his first show last night and yes, I get your criticism, but I have to say I kinda enjoyed it. Let’s see where he goes with it.

    Anyway, back to Revolution – I’m amazed it even made it to two seasons. I hated that show after the second episode . . . and as for that L.A. alien invasion show that I can not find online, sure, maybe I dodged a bullet and didn’t lose precious minutes of allotted finite viewing time for a poorly made show that ended up cancelled anyway. Or maybe it was cancelled because of my failure as a potential fan to help push them over the viewership numbers they needed to make past season one! Yep, it was all my fault. These are the sort of things that keep me up at night . . .

  • Ronin July 2, 2014 17:25

    Im thinking that no matter how good or popular the show became, those sets, makeup and the like were going to eat any profits that might have come to pass.

    however Im also thinking that without the advantage of nudity, graphic violence and sex, fox knew it couldn’t compete with the premium channels shows if the same ilk.
    ya know?

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