Just finished binge watching House of Cards season II [a Netflix Original series which deals with the backdoor corruption that most people take for granted is business as usual in Washington D.C.] and this season was at least as well done as the first. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are superb as the scheming, power hungry and anti heroic couple who have their sights set on the White House, and I highly enjoyed watching Gerald Mcraney turn in a solid performance as Spacey’s sometimes ally/ sometimes nemesis.

I have seen the BBC series [set in Parliament] upon which this is based, and so have a pretty good idea of the major plot points. This version has enough twists and clever writing that it masked a rather big scene I was expecting well enough that I didn’t see the pay off coming till mere seconds before it happened.

It’s much later than I intended to stay up, but the story was engrossing enough that I couldn’t possibly put off the last two episodes till tomorrow…

I have nothing to add that won’t bleed over into spoiler territory, so I will just say, Watch this series… and enjoy.


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