So, do you remember the show? No? Maybe you’ve forgotten or never watched it, so here is a somewhat brief, rough synopsis-

The original series focused primarily on the main characters (obviously), who were ordinary people from all walks of life, individuals who found they had some very extraordinary abilities. The stories concentrated not only on the background of each person, their ability and how it affected them, their family and profession, but also how the main characters lives eventually became intertwined.
There were also minor characters who’s abilities are revealed, but most were temporary (perhaps filler) and had little, if any, importance to the storyline itself.
It basically all boils down to, what else, various strains of a virus were produced to be used as, of course, a weapon, but locked away (along with some who were‘affected/infected’) since, if it was released globally and everyone had some type of super-ability chaos would reign (as there are those who would use their power for corrupt reasons such as personal gain, revenge, etc.)
I suppose the series posed the question whether humankind was responsible enough to have such power?
The ‘heroes’ eventually come together in an attempt to stop the unleashing of a deadly strain of the virus, thus avoid a world-wide pandemic.
Think X Men meets Fringe.

Some of the characters and their abilities are as follows-
Claire, ‘the cheerleader’, can spontaneously regenerate, thus, never really die. (There were some pretty gruesome moments displaying her ability in the series.)
Noah Bennet, her (adopted) father, tries to protect her, keeping her ability a secret, since he worked for the ‘bad guys’.
Hiro Nakamura (my fave), can manipulate time/space, and travels with his best friend Ando. (Most of the dialogue between them is subtitled, and George Takei makes an appearance later in the series as Hiro’s father.)
Nathan Petrelli, a congressional candidate who’s ability is flying (yes, literally, he can fly like many superheroes, though he doesn’t wear spandex or a cape. At least not while on camera.) Later we find he is, in truth, Claire’s real father.)
Peter Petrelli, the brother of Nathan. His ability, he can mimic/absorb the ability of others with super abilities, and he literally becomes a walking WMD.
Mohinder Suresh, a research geneticist who’s father was researching the biological source of the abilities (in hopes to save his daughter, Mohinder’s sister, but was unsuccessful.) Mohinder carries on his father’s research and eventually injects himself and develops powers.
(Note: there are others researching as well, some, obviously, for the nefarious purpose of controlling these ‘gifted’ individuals, and to terminate them if they can’t. One can see a similar comparison to the Xmen, factions set against factions, the ‘gifted’ being considered freaks if their abilities are disclosed, and therefore shunned by society. Yep, so it goes for those who are different.)
Matt Parkman, the mind reading police officer.
Niki Sanders, who has a severe dissociative identity disorder as well as super strength. Her son, Micah, has the ability to communicate and control digital technology.
AND last but not least, the antagonist…well, that’s putting it mildly,
Gabriel Gray a.k.a Sylar, a quiet, nondescript timepiece restorer, who becomes a serial killer, murdering others for their abilities by removing their brain to ‘absorb’ their ‘talent’. His character becomes very complicated in the course of the series.

There are also minor/temporary characters, such as Isaac Mendez (taken out by Syler…as were many, many others in his thirst for power), a drug addict who paints the future (his paintings are used as reference to what will happen.)
Adam Monroe, supposedly the legendary warrior Takezo Kensei with the ability to regenerate, is over 400 years old and eventually disintegrates in a kind of Dracula-esque way.
Emma Coolidge, a deaf woman who had enhanced synesthesia and the ability to create a siren song.
Samuel Sullivan, who enters towards the end of the series as a carnival owner trying to recruit people with abilities into his ‘family’, claiming he wishes to create a community for the ‘gifted’ where they are welcomed and can be open with their abilities. Of course, that is not his true intent. Dum…dum…dummmm!!!!

There is so much more, this only hints at it, and although the idea has been done before, I feel it was nonetheless, well worth watching.

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  1. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    The show had an excellent concept with some really great story lines, characters and effects.

    Unfortunately, it lost me as a viewer when Sylar became one of the good guys . . . and then one of the bad guys again.

    It was kinda like Spock dying in the second Star Trek movie – they never should have done it, but once he was dead, they really should have left him dead . . . nicht wahr?

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