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    Just Justine

    when creating a group, are you only permitted to invite members from your friends list, or is there a way to send invites to all members?


    Forlath Grey

    You can only invite your friends to groups you create. There is no option to invite all site members. @just-justine



    how do I delete my own crappy post? (see the serenity thread)


    Forlath Grey

    Delete – it’s actually a two step process, the intent being to keep you from deleting something accidentally. @ronin, First click ‘trash’, then click the same place again but if you’ll notice it now reads ‘delete’. Click that and then you’ll get a “delete, are you sure” pop up . . . I guess that would be a three step process . . . 😉

    That’s to delete comments here in the group forums. Just posted a test comment on one of the blogs and then clicked “Edit,” I was redirected to the Back End. I clicked “Move to Trash” and that appeared to be all there was to it.

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    Ldy Patch

    After following the directions to post a link….
    No, really.
    I did in fact follow them…

    I wonder if it has something to do with my using my mobile device?

    I add the web address to the appropriate line. Then, my description in the next. Click the box….add link….

    Womp womp woooooommmp! 😀

    I still allow for user error. However, I simply cannot be that dim? 😉

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