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    Forlath Grey

    Welcome to TheDWM in our newest (and best yet!), incarnation.

    We’ve left the world of Hosted Platforms behind and made the exciting plunge into the realm of independent websites. We now face the joys and challenges of being our own master. That means there’s no one but ourselves to run to when the toilet won’t flush or the roof starts leaking. On the other hand if we can dream it (and find the appropriate php code) – we can make it happen.

    This of course means a learning curve for anybody coming from a pre-canned social networking solution like Ning (whom we affectionately call Ning-bats). To that end we’ve started this group to provide simple (hopefully), solutions to all your ‘how do I do that’ questions.

    We will provide each ‘how-to’ as a topic in this group so new members can easily search and find the answers to those pressing questions, be it ‘how do I post a link?’ to the mechanics of publishing a blog for rotation at the top of the site and on our Facebook page.

    So look for new topics as we add them and if there’s a topic you would liked addressed that isn’t already published in this group – drop us a line here with your question and we’ll get on it, toot suite!

    We’re delighted to have you along, now let’s get you up to speed so we can create some Internet magic! . . . What? Too much?

    Ldy Patch

    How do I post a link?

    Just Justine

    can one add to an existing blog, and, if so, how does one go about it?
    (also, at the risk of being completely obtuse :\ could you explain the
    difference between blogs, groups and forums? i admit, i am at a loss
    to know where to post what *sigh*)

    oh, and may i call you albert, or would you prefer mr. einstein? 🙂
    (sorry, couldn’t resist. it’s the pic.)

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    Forlath Grey

    Lady Patch, to post a link – follow these simple steps:

    1. Sacrifice a chicken or other small poultry to the capricious gods of the Internet. *

    2. Follow the directions in the ‘How do I create a link’ forum topic, located in this same group.

    * step one is optional.

    Forlath Grey


    1. Will post appropriate topics to answer your amazingly insightful and delightfully succinct inquiries.

    2. That’s not a picture of me . . . it’s a picture of Ezra.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 22 total)
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