1. Just Justine 4 years ago

    How many hours of daylight was there?
    Can you see the aurora borealis there?

  2. Professor Extreme! 4 years ago

    Can you pick up a Frozen turkey, and a bag of peas whilst you are in Iceland (UK joke)

  3. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    About five hours of daylight a day. YES! Supposedly, unfortunately snowy weather and heavy cloud cover has prevented any such sightings so at this point it’s all hearsay!

  4. Forlath Grey 4 years ago

    Apparently the iceland chain has filed a suit against the country for trademark violation, from now on the country will be known as Lavaland . . .

  5. Just Justine 4 years ago

    Geez, if today is the shortest day of the year for the Northern Hemisphere, would Iceland and surrounds have any daylight at all?

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