This next game definitely deserves a shout out. Genesia created by Thomas Zighem.

Another turn based game, this one is reminiscent of other resource gathering strategy games, you’ll need to farm food, break stone, mine ore and chop trees for timber, so that you can build structures to attract settlers and eventually produce troops to battle competitors for control (or to repel invaders), over the island you have colonized.

Originally an Amiga 500 game back in the 90’s, the creator has further developed the original concept into an enjoyable game for the IPad. Thomas appears to be very dedicated to support of this app. The game differs slightly from other resource driven games in that the ecology of the island impacts game play, i.e. if you chop down all the trees and don’t replant saplings, you’ll find that your groundwater no longer supports your colony population, etcetera.

The game screen is laid out in a grid, each square is an independent zone where you need to attract new settlers, produce food and building supplies, build housing, etcetera, while all the time keeping down pollution. Fortunately, you can build trading houses on the zone borders, so you can trade supplies between the various portions of your colony.

This is a fun game. It’s well thought out, very attractive and intuitive. If I had any complaint at all, it would be when I colonize more than a couple zones, I find it difficult to keep track of what the status is of each zone, but maybe that’s the point.

There is a free Gensia Lite free version you can try out before buying the full version. Check it out.


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