Last month, the Fox President of Entertainment, David Madden, made the ‘off the cuff’ comment Fox would be willing to consider a Firefly reboot, but only if Joss Whedon were involved. Is this a cause for optimism amongst the devoted Browncoat fan base? Or is this just another one finger salute from the malicious conglomerate that cut Firefly down in its prime?

Yes I get it – Fox aired Firefly in the first place, and a few years after cancellation optioned a three movie deal to Universal to allow the movie Serenity. So fans got the original show, the movie, great comic books, some fun merchandise and a novelization of the movie. What am I complaining about? Promising projects that were tantalizingly discussed but never went anywhere:

  1. The most obvious one of course was a movie sequel. If you recall, at the time of the movie release, Joss Whedon and the Serenity cast and crew were very vocal in their conviction that if the movie did well, there would be a sequel, maybe even additional movies. Of course we all know in hindsight that never happened due to poor performance at the box office (despite the critical acclaim).
  2. It was reported Whedon considered letting the Firefly/Serenity story continue in book form. Numerous authors submitted story proposals (including the author who wrote the novelization – Keith R.A. DeCandido), but apparently Joss didn’t like what he saw and cancelled the whole thing.
  3. There have been two attempts at translating the Firefly ‘Verse into a computer game. First as a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, by Multiverse, who then unfortunately closed their doors in 2011. And now as a multi-user strategic roleplaying game, Firefly Online (FFO), by Spark Plug Games and Quantum Mechanix. Both attempts seemed promising, with substantial initial financing and official support, but Multiverse’s death seemed unavoidable, by all accounts the result of a poor business model, while the Firefly Online project has gone into complete radio silence for over a year. This leads many to surmise the game will never make it out of development purgatory.

So yeah, can you really blame the Browncoat community for potentially viewing this latest bit of news with a generous dose of cynicism, perhaps even hostility?

But let’s suspend our disbelief for a couple moments and contemplate – in what form would a Firefly reboot take shape? I guess the fundamental question is should there be a reboot at all, or should Firefly be left to its well deserved repose? I’ve recently been rewatching all the Firefly episodes, (quickly, before Netflix removes them on April 1st. Yes, I have the DVD boxed set, but it’s convenient having them on Netflix . . . I don’t have to explain it, so stop asking), and admittedly some of the writing comes across as kinda cheesey after more than a decade, but the dialogue and characterizations are still as delightful and fresh as ever. I think a return of Whedon’s vision of a possible future to the small screen would be welcomed by many. I personally believe too many years have gone by to recapture the magic of the original crew, and believe a spinoff, with cameo’s by the original crew would be the most tenable shot at a new show with any kind of staying power.

But what do you think? Check out the link for a good summation of some of the possible directions a reboot could go . . .

Firefly Reboot – why and why not

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