1. Just Justine 1 year ago

    Did you purposefully leave the hair off the hobbit’s feet? Just wondered. Guess part of the firefly cross-over.

  2. Author
    Forlath Grey 1 year ago

    Nope, I’m just a really crappy artist.

  3. Just Justine 1 year ago

    No you aren’t. Not at all. You have your own style which is very commendable.

  4. Author
    Forlath Grey 1 year ago

    Haha, thanks. Honest answer – artistic license, I didn’t like the way the feet looked when I drew them with hair.

  5. Just Justine 1 year ago

    That works. It is a mashup.
    I’m sorta rotoscoping the merging of characters from all three in my head. Or something. Overlaying.
    Actually, your comics would be really cool animated.

    Anyways, sorry, I was just curious if it was intentional.

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