Watched the premiere of ‘Dominion’ on Syfy.

K, so, God’s away on business…business.
He probably said he was going to the corner store to pick up a carton of cigarettes.
Yep, a dead beat dad.
Where is he when everything is running amok?
Angels were always jealous of humans because of the whole soul thing I suppose.
Anyway, in the show, Michael must be promiscuous and mentions angels should not reproduce with humans, like creating Nephilim, which I have read were super strong and giants.
If this is so, then was Jesus a Nephilim, too?
Someone should do a movie of Jesus turning into a Hulk-type character. “Jesus smash evil!”

Back to ‘Dominion’. It’s a post-apocalyptic world, everyone lives in walled cities as protection against the evil angels that have slaughtered the majority of humans, merely to get God’s attention since no one seems to know where he is.
Alex, ‘the chosen one’ though unknown by him or anyone other than Michael, is now an adult and a soldier in Michael’s anti-angel army in the prison-like city of Vega (built upon the ruins of Las Vegas). Everyone has a number and is classified, much like today- elite, those that serve the elite, and the poor. Alex’s dead beat dad, no, the other, the adopted one, returns, is murdered by one of Gabriel’s minions and the tattoos that he (Jeep, Alex’s step-dad’s name) was never able to decipher, miraculously appears on Alex upon Jeep’s death.
It’s complicated, just like the line between good and evil.
Oh, but there was this Iron Man evil angel called Furiad who fights Michael that was kinda strange. With swords, of course. I don’t think angels use guns. I would imagine they could think you to death or melt you with laser beam-type eyes or something.
I’m finished now. Just go watch it.

And now for some appropriate music-

  1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Watched the pilot annnnnnndddd I was not impressed. Acting was fine, casting was fine, even the effects were fine, I was just not that impressed with the storyline/plot/concept.

    A for effort, but on the whole it struck me as yet another exercise in fighting demons, along the same lines of Angel, Grimm, Supernatural, Dresden Files, Demons, Charmed, or Sleepy Hollow (Constantine coming out this Fall looks to be another show in the same vein).

    I didn’t really mind any of those shows, and was actually into Sleepy Hollow for a couple episodes but . . then . . . I kinda . . . lost . . . interest.

    Maybe it’s me, but it seemed none of those programs were willing to put in the extra effort necessary to keep me watching. Instead they followed the same old tried/true but tired formula of gruesome demons under control of sinister demonic overlord with nefarious intent vs predestined hero with supernatural abilities, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I’ll keep watching for another episode or two to give it a chance, but I can’t help thinking this Buffy remake with the Apocalyptic twist will face the same fate as all the rest – “Delete Season Pass.”

  2. Author

    Watched the second episode. Meh.
    The difference between ‘Dominion’ and shows like ‘Buffy’, ‘Angel’, ‘Grimm’ and ‘Supernatural’ is they all either have/had some amount of humour interlaced in some of the stories, and/or they had/have some charismatic regular character. And amazingly, they did it all without gratuitous nudity.

    This is a SPOILER ALERT *alarms sounding* so skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t watched ‘Dominion’ yet!
    Yeah, bare butts, both male and female. Not that they are much different, and in the last episode they were more discrete than some shows, with strategically placed arms and legs.
    (Not that I find anything wrong with gratuitous nudity or sex, it’s just not worth my time in watching if the show sucks in general and it is only being used as a draw.)

    Of course, ‘Dominion’ is post apocalyptic while the others have always been either stopping or delaying it.

    More SPOILER ALERTS, sort of-
    So, in this post apocalyptic future the ‘true religion’ is proven to be Christianity?
    God attempting to wipe us out AGAIN. Maybe he had afterthoughts concerning Noah and family.
    He needn’t worry though, we are thoroughly capable of wiping out ourselves and the rest of the garden along with us, but I digress.
    Anyway, so the one faction believes in the ‘Divine Femininity’, the others prey to
    the statue of whomever it is holding up the ‘savior’…Charlie as Mary? Or more Sarah Connor-like? Or is it to the savior himself?
    Wow! If so, that should really boost Alex’s self esteem!
    Guess they no longer would prey to God since he is the one that tried to annihilate us?
    Is Alex supposed to be the ‘second coming’ or a John Connor? I don’t get it. I’m so confused!
    I suppose I’m just reading too much into this. *sigh*
    Meh, hasn’t changed anything, there is
    still caste systems, the elite still rule. There is no equality. Even Michael
    seems an elitist.
    K, I’m done now.

    Oh no I’m not.
    Saw this episode of ‘Family Guy’ last night, thought it appropriate.

    Maybe that’s it, God’s just off saving/destroying other beings he created on/in other worlds?
    Like even in alternate/dimensional ones?

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