1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    I recognize at least one of your contraptions, and your vaunted cd burning trick, but where are the photos of you in appropriate dress? Also, you appear to have lost some of your text, where exactly did this event take place? In any case, fantastic photos . . .

  2. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Ah, this must be it – the venue looks amazing . . .


  3. Author
    Professor Extreme! 6 years ago

    Ah, for some reason, it had not kept the text of the link to the place in the post. Ive re-added it in.
    The Venu is Incredible. A victorian pumping station. Engineered to ridiculous levels of beauty for something that would only ever be seen by sewage workers.
    More images of this place can be seen at https://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/blog/crossness-engines/

  4. Author
    Professor Extreme! 6 years ago

    Hmm, posts last night didn’t save..
    I’ve edited the post to include the link to the venue, which also didn’t save..
    More photos of the venu here. https://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/blog/crossness-engines/
    There are videos too..
    bottom half of this page https://www.extremeelectronics.co.uk/blog/crossness-convivial-tesla-coil-photos/
    and me, relatively steampunked. in one of them.

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