Yes, I suppose it is considered reality tv, is set up and rehearsed.
And, yes, it’s male dominant, but hey, it’s a good show, and is filmed in New Jersey *grumble, grumble* it’s about time NJ got some good publicity, though this could be argued controversially.
Anyway, it is filmed at Jay & Silent Bob’s ‘Secret Stash’ store in Red Bank, N.J. I’ve been, didn’t get to visit the shop, but it is a lovely and historic (as with many areas of the BEAUTIFUL New Jersey, yeah, have you got the hint? I reside in the Garden State, very Eden-like, huh?) town along the Navesink River.
As you probably know Kevin Smith (a.k.a Silent Bob) hosts the show along with Walt Flanagan, Mike Zapcic, Bryan Johnson, Ming Chen and sometimes guests Jason (the ‘Jay’ of Jay & Silent Bob) Mewes.
The show is, as called, all about comics (+ related stuff & things) and those who collect them. There is a podcast as well, which can be found at <(be sure to check it out!)

In last week’s episode entitled ‘Pinheads’, a woman brought in a Batman bowling ball, to which Walt Flanagan reminisces on the team both he and Bryan Johnson belonged in their past called ‘The Four Horsemen’. He purchases it, which was actually a woman’s ball, comments were made about ‘womanly fingered Flanagan’, then later in the show it leads to a bowling match- the Stash vs the Clerk (‘s cast).
To see who went first, they did a rock/paper/scissors call, which, for them, ‘rock/paper/scissors/lizard/spock, would have been more appropriate, I think. Anyway, you can watch the show to find out who won the match. It was close!
Also in this episode, a guy brought in a first edition of ‘Famous Monsters’ magazine (plus a King Kong edition), as well as a first edition of ‘Spacemen’ magazine.
Lastly, a recent college grad brings in an action figure of ‘The Punisher Shape Shifter’, which ‘transforms’ into a weapon of rather questionable design. Whether it was done intentionally by the designer, or not, it was discontinued. The shop purchased it, even though without the box it wasn’t worth much, just as a display piece.
Oh you guys! 🙂
‘The Punisher Shape Shifter’
You can see it’s transformation HERE.
Yep, someone was not thinking when creating this….

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  1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Wow. Just wow.

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