1. Ezra Yesterday 3 years ago

    At last, the long rumored photographic evidence linking Bobby Jindal and Lee Harvey Oswald has surfaced…

  2. Ezra Yesterday 3 years ago

    Seriously though, why are they dressed like short order cooks? Is this taking place in the back room of a Waffle House™?

  3. Author
    Professor Extreme! 3 years ago

    Now that’s what I call a FART…

    (I do actually know what this picture is of, but Ill save that for later.)

  4. Forlath Grey 3 years ago

    There’s your problem, you had this thing switched to ‘evil’ . . .

  5. Author
    Professor Extreme! 3 years ago

    After many years of painful research, the team finally found what makes a woman tick.

  6. Just Justine 3 years ago

    Firstly, what makes a woman tick? You’re telling me that’s a woman? Is she a weight lifter or something? Maybe just a dancer with calves like that.
    I’d say it would be more what makes a man tick but (hehe, ‘butt’) I think that would be located in a much different, and lower, area…

  7. Just Justine 3 years ago

    Ohs Noes! You mentioned in the intro to this photo ‘Christmas’…..Santa is actually now a robot!!! It’s no wonder, that explains how he’s been around for so long! Are they his maintenance ‘elves’ ?

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