1. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    What? Even Nasferatu was a baby at some point . . .

  2. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    I just survived the London Blizt! Now I’m going to Disneyland! What? What the $&@! do you mean Disneyland won’t be built for another 15 years??

  3. Author
    Ezra Yesterday 7 years ago

    I can accept a 50 foot baby…
    I can accept a screaming, 50 foot baby…
    I can barely accept the giant, mannish manikin hands on said screaming 50 foot baby…
    I can even accept the fact that the screaming 50 foot baby with the manikin hands is on rollerskates…
    What I can NOT abide is the fact that the pasty complexion, light curly hair and utter lack of eyebrows can mean only one thing…
    This giant, rollerskating, freakish handed screaming tot is a Ginger.

  4. Professor Extreme! 7 years ago

    Never mix horizontal and vertical stripes…
    and what are you doing on the floor with that camera anyway?

  5. Author
    Ezra Yesterday 7 years ago

    Young Sam Kinnison, aged 18 months.

  6. Fergus Flynn Esquire 7 years ago

    the birth of the tarzan yell

  7. Forlath Grey 7 years ago

    Then there’s the mysterious disappearance case of the Times Newspaper, staff photographer, Jonathan Vickers.

    The only trace ever found was his camera and a pair of soggy, chewed on shoes. This was the last picture on the roll of film . . .

  8. Dee Stroyer 7 years ago

    “I just did 100 skullcrushers! AAAAH! My thighs!”

    Ah, roller derby humour.

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