Am playing this now.
A Fantasy JRPG developed by Silicon Studio and Square Enix (Final Fantasy series) for Nintendo 3DS (with AIRSHIPS and Sky Knights of the Eternian Sky <[an enemy, so far.])
Combat consists of traditional turn-based battles, but with more strategic options such as
‘Brave’ and ‘Default’, thus the title of the game.
I’m really loving the graphics of this game, beautifully done backdrops (though the characters are rather cutsie, but who doesn’t like cute?) as well as enjoying the game play itself.
Here, see for yourself-
Bravely Default

And did I mention there are Airships!?! 🙂

  1. Author

    Just took the airship Eschalot!
    Does that make me a Captain by ‘Default’ 🙂
    Will have to change my name, though.
    ‘Captain Justine the Obtuse’ doesn’t instill much confidence….how ’bout ‘Just Captain Just’? 😉

  2. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    This game made me furious. I seriously don’t understand why some people are going bonkers over it, saying it’s everything Final Fantasy should be. Granted, the first half is a lot of fun (apart from the immature treatment of the female characters. Seriously developers, grow up.). So many different jobs/classes to experiment with, side quests, exploration… But that all stops halfway through the game.

    *** Here be spoilers ***

    After saving the four crystals, you’re dropped into an alternate timeline and told you have to do it all again. The side quests are ‘optional’, but you’ll have to do them if you want the proper ending. I wasn’t too annoyed at this point. Yet.

    After doing all this, I was dropped into an alternate timeline and had to do everything AGAIN. And again. And again. A total of four times!

    The game has you go through the exact same dungeons and bosses four times. It’s incredibly repetitive, apart from some minor changes to dialogue and enemies. So boring! It’s one of the worst game design choices I’ve seen in years and I’m a professional game tester. I have no idea what the game developers were thinking. It’s just plain lazy. Because of this the replay value on this game is zero for me. I was so disgusted by the 4th time of being told to replay the whole game that I put it down and haven’t picked it up again for months. It’s rare for me not to finish a game, but I’m still too angry.

    Verdict: AVOID.

  3. Author

    read your spoilers. i’ve only just started it, so haven’t gotten very far into it.
    as to the treatment of the female characters, i really don’t pay much attention to that in a game (although, i get your point.)
    from what you’ve described, if it does become repetitive (and i don’t get all OC over it), it will probably be a trade-in at GS.

    maybe you can recommend some games?

  4. Author

    i’m not what you could call a true gamer. i just play when i feel like it. i go through stages, when the mood strikes.
    i don’t belong to any gaming sites, either, so am not very well informed. mostly go by what friends recommend.

  5. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    Sure, I’m always happy to recommend games. Since Bravely Default is a 3DS game, I’ll keep my suggestions limited to the platform for now.

    At work most of us agree that Fire Emblem is currently the best game on 3DS. It’s a great strategy game with good characters and interesting story, with the amusing option of making your units fall in love with each other by placing them together in battle, thus creating offspring that you can later recruit. Mwahaha. It’s also the only game I play with the 3DS slider on, as the visuals are great. It can be either a very punishing or rather casual game depending on your difficulty setting.

    If you’re looking for something altogether more relaxing and casual, I suggest Animal Crossing or any of the Harvest Moon games.

    Animal Crossing operates in real time and places you in a small town of your own to care for. There’s a ton to do in this game and you can pick it up for ten minutes to a couple hours each day, depending on your mood.

    In the Harvest Moon games you own and run a farm and try to woo the local bachelors. The days are quite short, so again it’s good for casual gaming.

  6. Author

    Thank you for your reply. Fire Emblem (Awakening?) sounds good.
    What are your thoughts on these- Shin Megami Tensei IV, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl and Tales of the Abyss?
    They seem interesting (and I’ve played SMT:Devil Summoner and liked it.)
    I have Animal Crossing (Wii) and a couple of the Harvest Moon games for various systems. I enjoy the Rune Factory games and Lego ones, too.
    They are good to unwind, not much thought/strategy required.
    I like horror, and have all the Silent Hill games. Also like the Fatal Frame series, Rule of the Rose and Indigo Prophecy, those sort of games.
    I do like Adventure/Fantasy RPGs. A LOT.

  7. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    I haven’t played the Shin Megami Tensei Games on 3DS yet. I played the first one on PS2 and it was tough. I love the newest additions to the series, Persona 3 and 4 (sadly not on 3DS), which are so vastly different from the previous games that they are hardly recognizable. P3 and P4 are a bizarre yet addictive cross between a dungeon crawler, Pokemon and a dating/high school simulator. Wacky stuff. I prefer P3, as P4 is much lighter in tone. Persona 5 is currently in the works!

    I’ve heard great things about Etrian Odyssey and I’m going to pick it up soon, but again these are very punishing games. The enemies will kill you often and you have to draw your own maps. They’re making a Persona EO at the moment (Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth).

    I also enjoy the Lego games, but I prefer to play them on bigger consoles on multiplayer with the missus.

    Rune Factory is great, though I’ve only played 2 and the much awaited release of 4 has been cancelled in Europe. Curse the 3DS system’s region lock!

  8. Author

    Bought Fire Emblem yesterday. I’m going to try to finish Bravely Default first (if, from what you’ve described, I don’t get bored with the monotony. The Ringabel character is really grating!)
    Anyway, I have a question- being a game tester, you get the games before they are released for sale, I suppose, and play without any hints or walkthroughs, then you rate them? I’m curious as to how it works.

  9. Dee Stroyer 6 years ago

    I do localization testing. Unfortunately that’s all I can say due to NDAs and junk. 😉

  10. Author

    Sorry, wasn’t thinking about stuff like that when I asked.
    Guess, if you told me, then you’d have to kill me 🙂
    1st RULE: You do not talk about PROFESSIONAL GAME TESTING.

  11. Author

    Wow, they’ve put just about everything into this game, steampunk airships, zombies (I thought the zombie minotaur was pretty unique, and the zombie shark? Syfy’s missing a good storyline there…’Zombie Sharknado’, chomping off heads for braaaiinz! They need to be more like the sky sharks in Doctor Who, though, capable of swimming in the air and have rudimentary lungs or something. Yeah, I’m thinking too much about this), anyway, now, I’ve encountered a vampire. So far no werewolves (that I noticed, though there are wolves, so who knows.) I’m just finishing engaging the last/first crystal and am not yet bored. I’m kind of anxious to see what the alternate time-line is like.

  12. Author

    The stage is set, well, almost (and yes, I’m still playing the game!)
    Just utterly demolished (by the skin of my teeth and after dozen of tries…what does that expression mean, anyway? ‘By the skin of one’s teeth’? Shouldn’t it be ‘by the enamel’? I don’t geddit. Meh.) 4 bosses, in one battle, AND, then another is added when you take out your first (SPOILER ALERT! Praline was the first I chose to eliminate and saved Kamiizumi for last), so that makes a total of 5, yeah, count’em 5 bosses! So, in the aforementioned package, besides having a pirate captain who axes the crap out of you, you get magic healers as well as a potion maker, who not only heals but also hurls wicked balls of green light grenades at you which can poison and/or take a party member out in a single toss.
    It was a long battle, but such is, with any worth while endeavor. After all, if you can take the enemy out in one fell swoop, what’s the point if they haven’t got a chance against your formidable tactics and maneuvers 🙂
    Kinda like the brave little tailor, only instead of 7, it was 5….and they weren’t flies….or killed with one blow…and giants are apparently very, very stupid.
    K, so, took care of them and then had to fight a vampire and sage with enormous
    amounts of health and power, but, after the last battle, I casually MOPPED THE FLOOR WITH THEM…..YES!
    But, I fear the worst is yet to come.
    I think I’ve formulated a decent strategy (well, it’s worked thus far.) If it will help in the final battle,
    waits to be seen.

    And I am really enjoying the twists in the (alternates +++++) storylines as they unfold.

    OK, I’m done now. Too much tea…you know, the caffeine….yeah, that’s my excuse.

  13. Author

    Completed it, did it all and got the true ending….and they say I have no patience! 🙂
    The final, final, final battle was kinda tough.
    The (eventual) red message shown on the main screen under ‘Bravely Default’ sort of gave away the twist, if you hadn’t figured it out or had a suspicion already.
    Anyway, I enjoyed it and am awaiting Bravely Second if/when it is released to the US.

  14. Author

    I am now playing (well, nearly completed) Fire Emblem: Awakening. My current avatar here, is my character in the game.
    I love the dialogue, Gregor reminds me of Minsc from BG only instead of being friends with a miniature giant space hamster named Boo, Gregor is, well now, anyway, married to a Manakete named Nowi (and the main characters can have children, well, actually they must in what I’ve played.)
    It is basically a grid/turn-based tactical RPG and I am enjoying it. I like games that you must plan strategic moves/skills.
    I won’t go into detail about the story, I will just say I hate it when weapons break (they must use really shoddy material, they even do so when you upgrade them which is extremely frustrating), but it’s my own fault for not watching when they diminish with each use, so I just carry several as back-ups.

  15. Author

    Completed Fire Emblem: Awakening

    You had the choice of destroying the dragon completely by having your main character deal the final blow, which, btw, also kills your main character (you eventually find they are linked to one another), or of putting the dragon (Grima) back to sleep by having another deal the blow, thus allowing it to return to wreak havoc on some future generation.

    I chose the self-sacrifice, defeating the dragon permanently.
    If it were the very last dragon, it would cause a dilemma. Kind of ‘kill or be killed’,
    exterminate the beast or condemn humankind to perpetual scorching. Yeah, I saw ‘Reign of Fire’, but also ‘Dragonheart’ what to do…what to do! Thankfully that dilemma was not presented, anyway, Manaketes can shape-shift into dragons (that looked rather seahorse-like in this game) by using a Dragonstone.
    Anyway, after my character destroyed Grima, there is sort of a eulogy where each of her comrades make brief comments about her not really being dead and returning someday. It then went on to describe what happened to each character in the aftermath.

    I’m going to replay the ending, this time putting the dragon back to sleep and see how it plays out under those circumstances.

  16. Author


    Replayed the ending and had Chrom deal the final blow. This time, following Grima’s re-inflicted comatose, the other characters laud Chrom’s heroics and the follow-up of what happens to the characters in the aftermath remains the same.
    At least they did not spit on my character for not choosing to sacrifice herself.

    What I didn’t get, and maybe someone can explain this to me, did Chrom and Marath’s (my character’s name) children come from an alternate future reality? Because, at this point in time, in this reality, only Lucina had been recently born and there was no Morgan, yet Morgan claimed not to remember his mother. Is this because his birth was still iffy, depending on the outcome?
    Time travel can really mess with one’s head!

    Now, on to Shin Megami Tensei IV! (Just purchased it yesterday 🙂 )

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