Ben Cadwell – creator of the Dare Detectives, amongst other things. Ben is such a mind blowingly amazing artist, it quite literally makes my stomach churn. Kind of a jerk in person though. Lol. Totally my own impression/opinion. But the conversation went kinda like this “all the sketches in this book are $40, you like that one? Yeah, sorry that’s my favorite, I’d have to charge $80 for that one. Oh, that one? Hmm, nope that’s no longer for sale . Nope that’s $100, that one? Weeeellll, I think someone else wanted that one, but I guess I’ll let it go . . .” Insane? Quite possibly, but talented – absolutely.

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  1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    And yes, yes I did buy a sketch . . . and a couple of his books, how could I not!

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