‘Attack on Titan’ on Adult Swim

‘Attack on Titan’ on Adult Swim

It’s a show about giant naked humanoids that apparently don’t have genitals, attacking and eating (as giants generally do- ‘I’ll grind their bones to make my calcium enriched bread’) little humans, well, average sized people, I THINK, that may, or may not, have genitals 🙂

Look, I’ve only watched the first episode, alright.
It focused on a walled city where the citizens are protected from said giants, the ‘Titans’, a few being uberginormous. The general populace never leave, only soldiers/scouts venture out to fight the titans, to reclaim the land, I suppose, and not be like prisoners within the walls, or, as Eren Yeager (the main protagonist, I assume) puts it, ‘to live like cattle.’
In this premiere episode on Adult Swim’s Toonami, one of the uberginormous giants tear down the wall and the city is overrun by the smaller giants, eating citizens (including Eren’s mom) as they smash their way through buildings (rather like a multitude of humanoidesque godzillas.)
I think I’m gonna like this!

Attack on Titan

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  • Ezra Yesterday May 8, 2014 21:40

    Love this show, for lots of spoiler-y reasons that I won’t talk about until you catch up. I can’t wait for the next season.

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