Is anyone else watching Atlantis? I’ve been DVRing it, and watched the third episode last night. Quite honestly, I’m still on the fence about it.

It comes as no surprise that it’s produced by the same guys that gave us the BBC show Merlin, so many elements are identical between the two shows.

You’ve got the taboo love interest, only this time she’s the royalty and he’s the peasant. The evil sorceress, the learned sage, the bumbling slapstick humor, the hero foretold, yeah, it’s fluff. Good enough when you’re in the mood for some mild entertainment without expending much effort, but nothing really to get excited about.

Hey, I know that guy notables:

Mark Addy, who played Roland in A Knight’s Tale plays the role of a ‘gone to seed’ Hercules.

Alexander Siddig, of Dr. Julian Bashir – Deep Space Nine fame, plays a not very noble King Minos.


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