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By Professor Elemental

I can’t tell you much about the Steampunk community in Denmark. I am writing this in Copenhagen on my way to a wedding gig in Sweden. I had sort of forgotten that Copenhagen wasn’t actually in Sweden, so am delighted to find myself in Denmark by accident*. I can tell you this though; the Danish Steampunks have to wrap up warm. It’s cold enough to freeze your cogs off out here.

I’m a lucky fellow- thanks to my habit of shouting into microphones over music that someone else makes, I get to travel all over. Skipping from conventions to nightclubs to parties to Swedish weddings with abandon and a general lack of common sense. If I’m very lucky, on arrival I’ll find someone in a hat with goggles, a corset or a beard (sometimes all three) and inside I’ll breathe a sigh of relief. Chances are that the wearer will be polite, welcoming, have a good sense of humour and knowledge of the nearest pub. Wherever we are, the chances are that we’ll have more in common than there are differences between us, and that is a beautiful thing. But, depending on where you end up, there are differences- some subtle and some more pronounced. So, without further ado, I present a series of generalised, whimsical and hopefully welcome guide to the Steampunks of the world**

(*It strikes me that my lack of awareness of what country I am even in might not fill you with confidence as to my ability as a travel writer. Try not to dwell on it.)

(** I should point out that these observations are based only on my own experiences and are not to be taken terribly seriously.**)

(***Actually, I shouldn’t have to point that out at all, but since this is being published on the internet, one should always have an awareness that it might be read by an idiot. Don’t be that idiot.)


  1. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant. And as far as I’m concerned – his summation of the American Steampunk scene is 100% spot on.

    The link again . . .

    Professor Elemental’s Blog

  2. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Professor Elemental – Cup of Brown Joy . . .

  3. Ezra Yesterday 6 years ago

    No kidding. In fact the American Steampunk synopsis at last explains some things that had mystified me about our sudden departure from… another website where we all met.
    That place is the gathering spot for all the too serious aspects of the scene.
    And unfortunately, since the owners are that… “committed”, lets say… to the stodgy reality of their fake world the more boisterous, ironic and just plain silly adherents tend to get shoved out in the cold once their predilection for fun becomes manifest.

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