Another Road Trip

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  • Just Justine February 24, 2016 21:01

    I really like your shadowing!

  • Just Justine February 24, 2016 21:06

    Sorry, guess that didn’t sound quite right, like you’re a stalker or a dick.
    What I meant was your use of shadowing. As in casting.

  • Just Justine February 24, 2016 21:11

    Meant Detective. Like how they shadow someone. In film noir.

  • Just Justine February 25, 2016 15:07

    Yes, it was a compliment, and you’re welcome.

  • Professor Extreme! February 25, 2016 17:40

    I enjoy the white space between the lines, without them it would just be a black shapeless blob.

    Ignore white spaces at your peril. It’s what makes a zebra crossing a crossing and not a black path. It enables penguins to be special, and stops bar codes being black rectangle codes. Not to forget the stars and red rectangle of the USA. Polar bears wouldn’t exist at all and newspapers would be unreadable.

  • Just Justine April 3, 2016 15:25

    Fan Art!
    I was fooling around and made these-

    Jim and Bob

    They aren’t perfect, but the sincerity is there.
    (In case you were wondering, I painted on the arms to maintain the effect of the comic)

  • Brain May 23, 2016 04:28

    Indeed, I want them.

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