Welcome one and all to the newest incarnation of the Divergent Worlds Machine.

In our continuing commitment to keep things “Fresh”, “Hip” and “Happening” as the kids say, we have spared no expense in order to give a refreshing new the look to the place.

For those who are new to the area, we are a motley band of misfits who somehow manage to coexist without [too much] friendly fire.
Feel free to stop in at the Æ.A. Annex to introduce yourself, that’s sort of our communal meeting place.
If you have a scientific mind… well, you’re probably in the wrong place… but before you leave, at least stop by the Professors Laboratory and make fun of our resident “scientist”.

Finally, make a point to visit the webcomic group and peruse the Animals Vs. Zombies archives, there is some really good stuff in there.

A special note for those who are returning:
All the usual suspects are still lurking about the place, so be aware that if you get too loud one of them are sure to wake up and engage you in conversation…
You have been warned.

Now a quick word about our content usage policy:

TheDWM is a completely ad free and not-for-profit website. We strictly adhere to the four factor balancing test of the Fair Use Doctrine. If however you or someone you represent, owns a copyright that you feel is being abused on this site and doesn’t fall under Fair Use, please contact us immediately.


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