These are shows I either greatly anticipated then kicked to the curb after only a couple of episodes, or shows with promise I lost interest in over time. Either way, these are Sci-Fi shows I wanted to love but just didn’t. So the question is, was it you, or was it me?


1. Revolutions

This one was definitely you – I’ve loved the premise of a post apocalyptic world ever since watching Mad Max 2: Road Warrior. From Cherry 2000 to David Brin’s – The Postman, few Sci-Fi subgenres are quite so evocative as life after the fall. Add JJ Abrams’ name to the project and I was sure Revolution was going to be awesome – it wasn’t. I was able to stomach about three episodes of the chronic over-acting before I gave this one the axe.

2. Caprica

Again, definitely you. Don’t get me all excited with dropped hints about a show being the sequel to the amazing Battlestar Galactica reboot, and then deliver something as polar opposite as this. Thing is, and this is an important thing – if this show had used any other universe as a backdrop instead of attempting to ride on the coattails of BSG, it might actually have been okay. Ronald D. Moore sucks . . . in my humble opinion.


3. Dominion

I’ll admit it, the trailers had me intrigued and the affects were dazzling. Unfortunately, after three episodes in, the story just seems kind of . . . lame. Is it me or are the writers going for a Dune-esque feel with the city of Helena characters? Even so, poor writing makes this another ‘it’s you.’ My apologies to Anthony Stewart Head.


4. V

I loved the original V back in the 80’s, I would even go so far as to say the original miniseries was one of the defining moments of my youth. So yes, I was looking forward to this reboot with great anticipation. Not least because of Morena Baccarin of Firefly fame. Unfortunately this version just didn’t grab me. Did they maybe over think it and over complicate the original concept? It went for two seasons so I’m willing to say this one might be me.

The Event

5. The Event

I was totally into this show for a few episodes, mysterious aliens, conspiracies, cover ups, what in heckfire did it all mean! Then I got bored of waiting for answers week after week and stopped watching. All take and no give in a relationship makes this a definite ‘it was you.’

6. Under the Dome

Speaking of which (see 5 above), the only reason I watched all of season one of this show was not because I was vested in the characters, but because I wanted to know what the stupid alien egg was going to do next. I’m tired of waiting. In future, I’ll just read the wikipedia synopsis.


7. Torchwood

Yeah, alright, this one was probably me. I honestly wanted to love this show. Who didn’t like Captain Jack when he popped up with the ninth incarnation of Dr. Who? But when you started killing off main characters for no apparent reason, I lost interest.


8. Heroes

Another show I was into, I stuck with this one well into the 3rd season. Hiro’s character was one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve seen on television. That whole ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ thing was delightful. But when Sylar turned good (which I didn’t actually mind at the time because his character was terrifying as a villain), Mohinder turned evil, and then Sylar turned evil again, it was clear the writers were out of ideas and I stopped watching. This one’s on you.

9. Warehouse 13

The characters were fun, and at the time I found the silliness kind of refreshing. The steampunk elements were also enjoyable. But zany has a shelf life. What can I say, I got bored. This one was all me. Interesting footnote, Allison Scagliotti and Mythbusters’ Kari Byron will forever be one and the same person in my demented mind.

10. Eureka

See 9 above. Colin Ferguson, Maytag? Really? Hey, don’t get me wrong. I get it. Gotta pay those bills.


11. Star Trek – The Next Generation

Having watched Star Trek – TOS in syndication back in my single digits, I was as happy as the next Trekkie when TNG was announced, but then life happened and I found myself stationed overseas when it finally came out, and I missed the premiere. Keep in mind this was in the days before TiVo and Netflix, so it was some time before TNG was freely available in syndication. When I did finally see it, it became apparent I hadn’t missed much. No need for that kind of language! Maybe if I had watched the show from the beginning I would have been vested and had more tolerance for the weak story lines but coming in after the fact, this is one show I never got into. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll take the blame for this one. Right here is where Ronald D. Moore begins his career of suckiness . . . IMHO.


12. Star Trek – Enterprise

Before you start throwing things, let me explain. I was as saddened by the announcement of the cancellation of this well produced show as much as anyone else, but I wasn’t surprised. I distinctly remember thinking the watching of this show in fourth season was a bit of chore, like a homework assignment. Think back, didn’t the show strike you as having a plodding pace with very little of the wonder and delight of traveling the stars that TOS possessed? Whatever the reason, apparently I wasn’t the only one who lost interest as viewership dropped from almost 6 million viewers to under 3 million viewers. It’s no wonder Paramount pulled the plug to save the franchise. I can’t help thinking of that quote from Futurama:

George Takei’s head: “Way to kill the franchise, Bakula!”

Which is totally unfair, because I thought Scott Bakula did an excellent job in his portrayal as Captain Jonathan Archer, but it still makes me laugh . . .

  1. I’m still watching ‘Under the Dome’. Here’s an idea, maybe if they had Junior become a vampire ala ‘Twilight’ it would get more viewers? Yes? No?
    And why do they not call Dale Barbara by his first name? Every time I hear them call
    him ‘Barbie’ this starts playing in my head-

    Not liking ST:TNG is a capital offense!
    Prepare yourself, sir, and let the battle begin!

    But I agree, however, with Mr. Takei’s head.
    Bakula, baculum, any way you look at it, same thing.
    Too bad his first name wasn’t Richard. Yeah, that was pretty harsh
    and uncalled for. *chastises brain for even thinking that*
    What say you concerning ‘ST:DS9’ and ‘Voyager’?
    I kinda liked DS9, but not Voyager.

    I really liked ‘Heroes’ 🙁

  2. Listening to that sound clip, part of it sounded rather ‘Jaws’-like?

  3. Forlath Grey 6 years ago

    Holy post apocalypse, Batman! Speaking of the Mad Max franchise, this just in . . .

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