• Loving this muchly! πŸ™‚

  • I stumbled upon the following on YT and just found them amusing. Maybe someone here will, too.

  • Finished watching the first debate last night on DVR. I\’m now convinced a Trump presidency would be similar to having Zaphod Beeblebrox as President, only with less Jack Sparrow and a whole lot more Gallaxhar. And seriously – why is Clinton dressing like Chairman Mao?

  • Saw this link on Propnomicon and thought it might be helpful as an in story/rp resource or at the least a fun curiousity for naval buffs.

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    Today is the first day of Autumn, the nights are getting cooler, the days are getting shorter, and this morning I made it halfway out of the driveway before remembering I wear glasses.

    Wake me up next Spring . . .

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    This looks interesting? Possibly? Maybe?

    We\’ll see….

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    Steampunk? What’s this steampunk of which you speak?

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  • K, so I love bagpipes but never heard them played like this!

    • Finally an answer to that age-old question – what do the bag pipes sound like when played drunk . . .

    • Um, I thought being drunk was a requirement for playing…

    • Is this teaser footage from a new Fallout game? It looks like they are playing Inside a cooling tower for a nuclear power plant.

    • Honestly though, with the spastic Elaine from Seinfeld dance for a lead inI really didn’t expect nearly the amount of talent that … she?… displayed.

    • Well, I’m impressed. She plays multiple instruments. Here she plays accompaniment on harp, with saw and accordion πŸ™‚
      All rather underrated instruments.

  • Just Justine posted an update 3 weeks, 1 day ago

    I find these guys very amusing.

    • Two things:
      1. I posted this with my iPhone, which is why the pic is so small. I’ll try and fix it later.
      2.This was sent to me in a text… I’m not out on the internet reading other web comics, that would be disloyal.

    • 1. Very dark . . . and amusing, but dark.
      2. Don’t be ridiculous, reading other webcomics isn’t disloyal! Only posting them is . . .

    • I have a horrible feeling this applies to snails as well. Is the snail in the shell, or is the shell all snail. Deep..

  • Confounded horses! I look forward to the not so distant future when motor vehicles rule the roadways and horses are relegated to the trash bin of history!

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    • So sad :'( I think he would have made a perfect Doctor (as in Who.) Too many creative losses.

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    Red Dwarf new series Trailer, in UK 22 Sept.

    • Love it. Noticed they’ve decided to stick with the laugh track, presumably to keep the viewing audience from confusing it with Dr. Who . . .

    • The higher production values would confuse the audience otherwise.

  • No Man’s Sky, one of the most hyped games in recent memory. A sandbox type, open world sci-fi game. You start with little to nothing and work to improve your side arm/mining tool, environmental suit, space ship

    • Couple questions. Firstly, does everyone start at the same place/point, or is it randomized? I was just wondering because of saying it’s difficult to meet up with others. Secondly, so even if someone has already named a planet and it’s flora/fauna, you can change it? I understand the probability of all the planets and so forth, being discovered and named is slight, but still, in time, down the line?
      Sorry if these are stupid questions, the game just looks/sounds incredibly amazing, interesting, exciting and beautiful.
      Yeah, I would probably stop showering, sleeping, eating…

    • Seems zen. But lonely. Can you travel with others?

    • Some more vids (significantly shorter this time), from my ongoing adventures in No Man’s Sky . . .

      First there are the Hyper Jumps I’ve made:

    • Here are Aliens I’ve met:

    • Finally, some of the animals I’ve discovered:

      (I find that last one particularly beautiful . . .)

    • In answer to your first question – no, everyone appears to start somewhere different.

      In answer to your second question – nope, once you’ve named something, that’s its name – FOREVER.

      In answer to your third question – no, you can’t travel with others. No NPC companions either.

      Here’s a link to a helpful BBC article with suggestions on how to counter loneliness in space . . .


    • What I mean is, if you are part of the social aspect of the atlas database, and if other players name planets, does that name show up in your game and you can no longer name it or it’s inhabitants if they already have? Like you are stuck with the names someone else has chosen and you can’t register it as something different?
      I hope I’m explaining this understandably πŸ™

    • And the BBC article wasn’t very helpful. It dealt more with how to get along with others in a prolonged, cramped situation and not so much solitarily. For that, they merely stated to ‘enjoy your own company’, which would be fine for awhile, it’s easy to amuse one’s self when one chooses, knowing, if you want company, there are others nearby. It’s totally different when you’re a bazillion miles from the warmth and companionship of another living thing.
      It’s probably why the Doctor of Who renown always takes a companion.
      I still think, though space exploration would be super epic, it would be just as lonely to do solo. Who would you have to say excitedly ‘ooo, look at that!’
      Thankfully, this is just a game, I spose sorta like a simulation. You can put it aside whenever you want.

    • this one, too http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/wwfeatures/wm/live/624_351/images/live/p0/1f/21/p01f21z6.jpg
      Dunno why Bishop crossed my mind viewing that.

    • I understood the question – yes, once you’ve uploaded something to the database, that sticks for all players of the game. You can see which planets have been discovered, by whom and what the planets were named.

    • Wow, according to social media this game is getting a lot of hate right now from the reddit gamer community. Apparently there were features promised during the lead up hype to this game that they feel were not delivered.

      Besides the assertion they’ve been lied to, their complaints basically break down as follows:

      “Why Does It Fall Short of What Was Advertised?:

      Explore – Planets are less diverse than we’d been told, and with less features. They also don’t seem to become appreciably more interesting as you move towards the center, if at all. The pool of resources is shallow, and they’re spread more or less homogeneously among planets. There are no objects on planets that you will not have seen in an hour or two on your first planet, and no objects in space that can be found through exploration. Explore should be renamed Sightsee, as that’s more or less what you’re doing when exploring because you quickly run out of significant things to discover.

      Fight – Ship combat was trivialized by the removal of classes and ship attributes. Large scale space battles were cut as well, and you cannot destroy space stations or freighters as we’d been told. You will fight sentinels and pirates alone, all of which fly ships which are functionally identical to your own. Ground combat occurs with only a few sentinels at a time, and poses no challenge. Fights are easily won, escaped from, or avoided entirely.

      Trade – Trading offers few benefits outside of selling valuable items to upgrade to better equipment. There are few items you’d actually ever want to buy from a trader, and few things to sell that are worth using an inventory slot on instead of a gold/emeril stack. Grinding for elements/rare items to sell is as far as most will ever go, and money quickly becomes useless in the game. You probably can’t play as a space trader exclusively, and trading between systems doesn’t seem worth the hassle even if you can. Trading with factions is a non-consideration as you will max out in rep for everyone very quickly. There simply isn’t enough elements in the game to support deep trade, as there’s little to actually need, and little worth actually selling.

      Survive – Everything you need for basic survival is bountiful on every planet. Sentinels pose no risk. The only thing that poses any particular risk is extreme planets, and there’s zero incentive to even really visit those as they’ve got nothing you couldn’t easily find elsewhere, not that the risk they pose isn’t easily mitigated and/or dealt with.”

    • K. Thanks.

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    After roughly a two year hiatus from gaming (due in no small part to my *cough* addictive personality), last week I received a copy of the new ‘No Man’s Sky’ game . . . I may be some time . . .

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    • So tell us, Professor, is the acid dependency a recent development or something you’ve been cultivating over time?

    • Oh, you mean the vinegar, yes, i’ve been a user for a number of years.

    • Seriously, I find this, and others, such as the Voynich manuscript, fascinating.
      Do they actually have meaning, or is that their purpose, simply to muse and deliberate over?
      Rather like a David Lynch film 😐

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